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If we don’t have what you’re looking for at the moment, check back with us frequently, or you can even request a certain piece of equipment from us. We’re always getting our hands on used equipment and updating our online inventory regularly. At D. H. Griffin, we will service all your processing needs.

A Guide to Selecting Non-Powered Hand Tools

A Guide to Selecting Non-Powered Hand Tools About This Booklet The purpose of this booklet is to help you select or purchase the best available ergonomically designed non-powered hand tool. The information and the hand tool checklist are based on peer-reviewed articles and expert input. The checklist has been evaluated for reliability in ...

Aging Wild Game, How to Butcher a Deer, butchering cuts

These tools are made of an advanced, high-tech ceramic, second in hardness only to diamond, it was originally developed for industrial applications where metal components failed. Almost as hard as diamonds. Chef Notes: This scraper will clean your workbench, butcher block, cutting boards and even remove paint from your walls! Ceramic Scraper

What is the difference between plant and equipment in

2018/11/20 · Plant and equipment is a catch all phrase to cover a multitude of mechanical equipment used in construction and also useful for cost coding (allocation of costs). Very generally and many people will argue with me on this

Johnson Ross Comanche Aggregate Batcher Weigh

12 Cubic Yard Aggregate Batcher Johnson Ross Style Comanche: NTEP certified hopper. Constructed of 3/16? vertical plate and 1/4? plate on sloped surfaces. (1) clamshell gate with replaceable grease type pivot-pins, brass

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Find all the butchering tools and equipment you need to process your game or other quality meats in one place. Get free shipping when you spend or more! We aim to promote local foods with centuries-old traditions of gastronomy and food making techniques.

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Hauling around your tools and equipment just got easier. These field-tested tips from a fellow pro will help turn your truck into a customized, tool-toting, smart-working ride. If you own a skid steer, have access to one or plan to rent one for an upcoming project, here ...

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Scrap Processing / Demolition Equipment Auction Results. Sort by manufacturer, model, year, price, location, sale date, and more. Page 1 of 3.

Soup It Up For Soldiers Step 2: Bull the Barrel

May 07, 2012 · Soup It Up For Soldiers Step 2: Bull the Barrel My Gun Culture. USA –-( Last week in Step 1: Sportify the Stock, we replaced the standard stock on our Ruger 10/22 with a custom ...

What are some uses of wheelbarrows?

May 12, 2018 · It’s a really big shovel. It is a collector of large objects or large amounts of stuff for ease of transport from one area to another. In gardens or on construction sites, wheelbarrows are for bulk, short distance transport by hand.

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Construction Equipment Guide covers the nation with its four regional newspapers, offering construction and industry news and information along with new and used construction equipment for sale ...

What is tool? definition and meaning

tool: An item or implement used for a specific purpose. A tool can be a physical object such as mechanical tools including saws and hammers or a technical object such as a web authoring tool or software program. Furthermore, a concept can also be considered a tool. "Creativity is the tool which allows a child's mind to grow."

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8. Is Overstock still delivering Large and Bulky items? Absolutely. In today's world, our customers have been ordering everything from playsets to help keep kids active, to in-home workout equipment, to home office equipment for those like us who are new to working from home. We want to help you create a dream home no matter what is happening ...

47-4011.00 - Construction and Building Inspectors

47-4011.00 - Construction and Building Inspectors. Inspect structures using engineering skills to determine structural soundness and compliance with specifications, building codes, and other regulations. Inspections may be general in nature or may be limited to a specific area, such as electrical systems or plumbing.


During the late 1800’s there were about 400,000 head of cattle, 2,000,000 hogs and 300,000 sheep in Mississippi but there were no meat packing companies of any significance in this state. Livestock were primarily raised on open range lands and were predominantly used for home slaughter or were shipped to St. Louis, Missouri for slaughter.

Construction Safety: Working With Hand & Power Tools

Can you think of a commercial construction project that has been completed without the use of hand tools or power tools? Yeah, neither could I. Maybe it’s our familiarity with them or the fact that they are such a commonplace item on the construction site that hand ...

Rabbit Dispatching and Butchering Tools

I am selling some rabbit dispatching and butchering tools. I like to sell them in sets. Each set includes, one dispatcher and one holder for when you are draining and butchering. The dispatcher uses the cervical dislocation method to quickly dispatch the rabbit. Can be mounted to wall, holes are predrilled.


Hand tools are used much more intensively on labour-based construction work than in agriculture. Many tools commonly used for agriculture work are not strong enough for use on construction sites and will quickly break if used intensively. It is therefore

Plastering Sand Making Machine

Sand Making Machine used to produce artificial sand plaster sand manufactured by crushing The sand making machine is specially designed for manufacturing artificial sand from the grit. It is a better utilization of the large size of rock materials and stones through rock on rock metal machine mechanism roughly as

10 New Construction Technology Trends to Watch

Technology has changed the way we do everything in the 21st century, and continues to do so. New construction technology has had a huge impact on practices in construction. We take a look at 10 new technology trends which could change construction forever.

Aimix Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale

Asphalt mixing plant is the general asphalt mixing equipment which is broadly applied to the road construction, such as urban and rural roads, parking lots, highways, airports and harbors. Well, the continuous optimized asphalt batch ...

Build a Home Meat Processing Shop

You can depend on professional butchers to process your meat, or you can save a bunch of money and do it yourself. An initial investment in equipment will allow you to set up a complete wild-game processing outfit. The first step in game processing is taking care of your kill in the field. Then you must keep it clean and cool before hanging it ...

Raising Beef Cattle For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Beef cattle are amazing, hardy creatures that can convert otherwise unusable plants into high-quality beef for people. You can raise a few head of cattle to stock your own freezer with wholesome steaks, roasts, and other cuts of meat, or you can start your own beef cattle business and sell the butchered meat to customers. …

40+ Construction Tools List with Images for Building Construction

Construction tools list for building construction works such as concrete, brick masonry, leveling, wood works, floor works, slab works, brick laying, plastering etc. is provided. Every construction tool is necessary to achieve good results in the whole project.

Construction Tools

Tools That Work Like You Work If you work in construction, you know your tools see serious wear. And it’s not just to the tools. Construction is tough, no-nonsense work that separates the men from the boys. It also separates the great tools from the mediocre ...

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Used Heavy Construction Equipment, best Purchased at Auctions. Used construction machinery can most readily be found at auction, where you can browse amongst the categories of equipment you require, comparing condition and prices. The advantage of used construction equipment is in the price, as these items when new can be on the costly side.

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2017/11/20 · Working with us Working at Aggregate Industries is a great opportunity for our employees to find answers to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges in the construction industry. Who we are

Tools Most Used By Electricians | Electrical Contractor Magazine

Electrical work can't be done without the right tools. As basic tools have been improved over the years and new specialized tools are developed, the list of tool choices for electricians becomes even longer. Even so, there's a short list of “must have” tools that every ...

Sewing Tools and Equipment - Basic Clothing Construction

4. Pinking Shears- cuts a zigzag edge and is used for finishing hem edges, seams, etc. It should not be used for cutting out a garment b'coz it will not give an accurate cut line of the fabric. 3. Tape Measure-a 60 inch lng measuring device used in taking body ...

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Find used excavators, dozers, forklifts, compactors, backhoe loaders, cranes, lifts, skid steer loaders and other types of construction equipment on Machinio. Are you looking to upgrade your website? Sell more and save time with a ...

Butchering Knives & Tools

Used condition Large spring loaded clippers nestled in a wooden insert Great for hunting. Taxidermy or butchering Measure 10" in overall length Please use magnifier tool to closely inspect condition Please note: The items I am selling are my own and as I sell primarily antiques and collectibles.

Paper Trimmers | Heavy Duty Paper Trimmers

Industrial models used in print shops can slice thick stacks of 500 to 1,000 pages at once. Do paper cutter blades need resharpening? No. These tools have self-sharpening blades that keep their edge for a long time. When their blades get dull, it's time to replace them. Why do paper trimmers have measuring grids on their cutting mats?

Improvised Weapons

While the collapse of pre-war society led to countless military and police weapons falling into the hands of survivors of the war, homemade improvised weapons remain in common use around the world in the aftermath of the Great War. These improvised weapons may be made for pre-war parts, including scrap metal and even parts from purpose-built weapons, or from natural materials such as wood or ...

Construction equipments

Apr 11, 2013 · Construction equipments 1. construction equipment 1 2. Introduction In the case of huge construction projects; Proper use of the appropriate equipment contributes to economy, quality, safety, speed and timely completion of a project. Equipment are use for highway projects, irrigation, buildings, power projects etc. 15-30% of total project cost has been accounted towards equipment and machinery ...

Second build commencing

Jan 15, 2012 · I hit the small snag of my cheap yard sale band saw being broken (lower wheel shaft bent and bearings probably messed up; luckily Sears and others seem to stock parts in perpetuity for these elderly Craftsman tools), and used the ensuing disruption to motivate another needed tool setup - a router table extension for the table saw.

Butchering a Cow, Beef Cuts and Processing

Butchering a Cow, Beef Cuts and Processing. A butcher is a person who may slaughter animals, dress their flesh, sell their meat or do any combination of these three tasks. [1] They may prepare standard cuts of meat, poultry, fish, and shellfish for sale in retail or wholesale food establishments.

Concrete plant

The aggregate batcher also named as aggregate bins, is used for storage and batch the sand, gravel and crushed stone of the concrete plant. There are also many types of aggregate batchers, but most of them measured aggregate by weighing, some use the weighing hopper, some use the weighing belt.


Simple to use Stanley DME tools guarantee high efficiency and productivity. Its accuracy and features make it ideal for prepari ng offers, controlling and measuring of dimension of houses, apartments and other. It may be used for

Materials in use for food equipments – Part I, Fabrizio

Alkali products can not be used with this material as it is not resistant to attacks by hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid or caustic solutions: acid cleaning agents are appropriate for aluminum. Nowadays, aluminum is used only in the construction of some specific parts of food processing equipment.

batching plant supply in malaysia|Concrete Batching

Batching plant for sale in Malaysia is a hot type construction machine, which is used to ready mix cement, fly ash, water and additive for house building, tunnel construction, airport, water conservancy engineering, etc. It is an

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